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Published March 7th, 2008

Another look back

What a bizarre coincidence. For some reason I JUST decided to haul out my high school yearbook when I then saw Topher‘s dare to post one’s picture (the feathered bangs must make him psychic). I actually like mine; having been a total buck-toothed geek throughout elementary school and a braces-wearing nerd in junior high and high school, I finally got my braces off and my hair styled in a current fashion (gotta love those feathered bangs!) just before senior pics were taken:

High school yearbook pic


(and don’t you love the quote I included? Always the party girl!)

Published March 2nd, 2008

Pfitz, Week 4 (27.5 miles)

This week’s theme is flexibility, though not in my body. Due to a social obligation earlier in the week and the onset of a cold in the latter part, I wasn’t able to follow the plan to a T (how I survived, I’ll never know). In fact, I put off this week’s long run until today, which is technically the beginning of Week 5 (shhhh… please don’t tell anyone).

This week was also the magical time of a woman’s life marked by bouts of irrational crying interspersed with intense cravings for anything sweet. I really don’t know what came over me — I normally don’t have much of a sweet tooth, even when I’m on my cycle — but this week you could have plopped me in Oompa Loompa land and I would have felt like I’d died and gone to heaven.

It started Monday evening over dinner with a few chef friends. We began at The Tasting Room for what was advertised as “three half glasses of wine and a BOWL of hot & creamy mac & cheese” (made with Beecher‘s incredibly yummy cheese). The $12 cost should have tipped us off that we’d merely be getting a small portion of the mac & cheese. It was certainly tasty, but our appetites were by no means sated. We then headed off to Etta’s for yet more food, and when the dessert menu came along we couldn’t refuse a slice of Tom Douglas’ famous coconut cream pie (we shared it five ways, but we each had several forkfuls).

The next day I showed up at my client’s house to see a container of cake in the fridge. Turns out it’s for me to take home; my client also was suffering from a sweet tooth and had to have the signature cake from a local bakery. It was a white cake with a whipped cream frosting and white chocolate sprinkles, layered with strawberry mousse. I cried “uncle” after two pieces and forced my darling to eat the rest (I had to twist his arm — NOT!)

Flower cookiesBy Wednesday my sweet tooth still hadn’t disappeared, so as I was shopping for my client I found myself wandering through the bakery. A few months ago another client had some frosted organic whole wheat shortbread cookies that were divine; I decided I MUST. HAVE. THOSE. COOKIES. I spied the container on the shelf, and while it was larger than I had anticipated (there were 27 cookies), there was no turning back. I didn’t bother to look at the price, so I was shocked to see $17.99 ring up at the cash register. ¬°Ay Caramba! But that box satisfied my cravings for the rest of the week (and yes, I did get help in consuming them).

The amazing thing about all this? I actually LOST weight (I got down to a low of 162). Mind you, I’m also off alcohol until at least this coming Sunday (after the Mercer Island half). But I can’t say my diet has changed too terribly much. While I won’t make my goal of 155 pounds for the race, I ain’t complaining!