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Published May 31st, 2009

I’ve created a monster

I must apologize — it appears this blog is turning into simply an account of my race reports.  I’ve had lots of ideas for posts, but no motivation to actually write them.  Mea culpa.

However, this coming week I have no excuse.  You see, I really should NOT be running for the next five days (at least not far).  As you can see by my updated race list/countdown timer, I’ve got one Mother of a marathon month ahead of me: five, yes, FIVE freakin’ marathons in the next four weeks.  Heaven help me!

As with most of my race plans, my “monster month” started innocently enough.  Last August my darling and I jumped at the chance for half-price entry into the inaugural Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Marathon to be held June 27.  Early this year I decided I’d like to try a “double,” which in Maniac-speak means running two marathons in two days.  The Lake Youngs Ultra/Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon looked appealing;  although technically an ultra, Lake Youngs is a 9.6-mile loop run three times for a total of 28.8 miles (a “mini” ultra, if you will).  I figured the Tunnel Marathon, which is an all-downhill race, wouldn’t be too terribly challenging the next day (although it was held in August last year, they moved it to June for 2009).

I then couldn’t pass up the Green River Marathon; after all, it’s free!  I had run the half two years ago, but skipped it last year since it was the day before North Olympic, where I had hoped to BQ.  When I mentioned my plan to another Maniac, he asked, “Why not do a double-double?” (Maniac-speak for doubles on back-to-back weekends).  For some reason I decided that would be a good idea and once again signed us up for North Olympic (I had considered the San Juan Marathon, but not only is it quite hilly, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to catch the ferry in time after running Green River).

Once I committed myself my anxiety started to grow, especially with every ache and pain I felt.  Will my body hold up?  Will I forever destroy myself for running?  Will people think I’m cool, or simply idiotic?  Why do I care what people think?  Is my long-standing need to be liked rearing its ugly head?  Does my butt look big in these pants?

Wait — where was I?


Published May 26th, 2009

2009 Capital City Marathon

I had planned on writing a longer report for this, but time got away from me.  So this’ll be a down & dirty report for the 2009 Capital City Marathon, held in Olympia, Washington.

While I first stated Tacoma was #17 for me, I was doing some creative accounting.  Rather, this marathon was #17 (#8 for the year) and it ended up being my 5th fastest marathon at 4:20:14. I had hoped to finish in under 4:20, but the heat got to me in the later miles and I had to take a couple of unscheduled walk breaks to shake off the dizzyness. That said, I’m thrilled with my time.

As with most Seattle-area races, it’s a hilly one. However, most of the hills were pretty gradual, although there was a long stretch from mile 22-24 that pretty much sucked (made worse by the heat). I guess I shouldn’t complain TOO much about the heat as we’re talking 65-70, I think; I know many of you have run in far worse conditions.

Although one of my Maniac friends thinks the course “sucks” (he didn’t run it this year), I really liked it. It’s on a lot of back roads through Olympia, and fortunately there were a lot of shady spots. While they let some traffic through, it was never a problem. We received a terrific jacket instead of a running shirt, however, no medal. Instead they let us keep our chip (it had Capital City Marathon on it) and gave us a card to clip it to, along with our race results (which were available on another card within about 30 minutes after finishing). The post-race pizza REALLY hit the spot, as well as provided much-needed salt.

I definitely give this a thumbs-up for anyone needing a Washington state race (although if you’re a Maniac, I’d probably recommend Tacoma next year as that’ll be the Maniac reunion and Dick Beardsley will be the featured speaker).

Published May 10th, 2009

2009 Tacoma City Marathon

Given all the hubbub over that little race I ran last month (the one that starts in Hopkinton), I’ve neglected to mention the other races I have planned for the year.  I’ll update you in another post, but wanted to share my thoroughly enjoyable experience at this year’s Tacoma City Marathon held this past Sunday, May 3.

I had no intention of running the race — I had chosen the Capital City Marathon in Olympia for my May race — but I’m easily swayed by fellow Marathon Maniacs.  When I mentioned CCM to one of them, his reply?  “That course sucks!  You should run Tacoma.”  However, another Maniac came to CCM’s defense, so of course I signed up for BOTH of them.

For those of you looking for a Washington state race, I highly recommend TCM.  Sure, the fact we had absolutely gorgeous weather certainly increased my enjoyment, but it’s a very well-organized, Maniac-centric race (the race director is Tony, Maniac #3).

In its third year, TCM is known for its hills, but also for its spectacular views of Commencement Bay (Tacoma is about 35 miles south of Seattle).  It’s small (237 finishers this year, although at least double that run the half marathon), and there aren’t a lot of spectators.  But what it lacks in crowd support it more than makes up for in volunteers.  They truly are fantastic.