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Published July 18th, 2009

Seattle Rock ‘n Roll 2009


The interwebs are turning my brain into mush.  Whereas I USED to find the time to compose pithy prose, nowadays you’re more apt to find me on Facebook and various running forums with nary a pith to my name.  Pretty pithiful, I mean, pitiful (or pithiless?)

Anyhoo, I aim to reverse the trend.  I realize my blathering may not interest many, but it provides me with a great outlet for my writing.  And I’m not just talking race reports, although yes, this one will be.

When Elite Racing announced it was taking over the Seafair Marathon I was ecstatic — for once I’d be running a local inaugural race.  Even better, we managed to nab a couple of the one-day-only $47 registration specials.  Score!  At the time we weren’t yet Marathon Maniacs, so little did I know it would be my 5th race for the month.

I was really excited as not only would the race be held at a better time of year than the Seattle Marathon, it truly was a destination marathon.  Whereas Seattle may attract people primarily from around the Northwest, Seattle Rock ‘n Roll would be bringing in runners from across the country.  I was curious to see how the city would handle 25,000+ runners (the Seattle Marathon typically has about 12,000-14,000).  The race sold out in May, much to the dismay of several (I saw many bibs listed on Craig’s List for an exorbitant amount).

In an attempt to fortify my running karma, I volunteered at the expo the day before.  Fortunately I was placed in registration as I was able to sit (I figured standing all day would not bode well for the marathon).  But while my legs got rest my arm did not; after pointing toward the t-shirt/goody bag pickup about a bajillion times my shoulder started to ache!  Oh well.  The expo itself was one of the largest I’ve seen, rivaled only by Boston’s.  I showed restraint and didn’t buy a thing, save for two $50 registrations for next year’s race.  (It was an expo special; the cost has already increased to $100).