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Published January 31st, 2010

The PYS Run

Ever since I’ve become a Marathon Maniac I’ve heard grumblings from the more traditional, old school marathoners about our group: we care more about quantity than quality, running not to perform at our best or even for the love of the sport, but to simply add another notch in our marathon belts.  This argument even circled among our ranks, as the group’s founders proposed tightening the rules on what counts as a marathon to eliminate what appeared to be glorified training runs that are merely used to pad ones stats.

While there may be a few Maniacs who are guilty of such behavior, I never considered myself one of them.  Sure, I’ve run marathons as training runs, but I’ve always set some sort of goal for myself, whether it be to run all the hills, hone my fueling strategy, run a negative split, etc.  Sometimes my goal was simply to have fun with my friends — both during the race and while mingling afterwards.

I must confess: last Sunday’s 50K was a PYS (pad your stats) run.


Published January 20th, 2010

I’m not dead yet!

Has it REALLY been six weeks since my last post?  Criminy!  I knew I’ve been wasting FAR too much time on Facebook and other online forums, but hadn’t realized how much of a time suck they’ve been.  But with the new year comes a new resolve to devote more time to my blog (let’s see how long it lasts).

Although I’m overdue with many race reports, I figured it best to start anew.  So rather than bore you with the typical lengthy EDRW race report blather, I’ll simply catch you up with a year in review.

When it comes to running, 2009 was a fabulous year for me (heck, it was pretty darn good for other aspects of my life as well).  I accomplished so many things I never thought possible and truly grew as a runner.  Sure, I neither BQ’d nor PR’d, although I came close in both respects.  I ran more miles than I ever have (2,010 for the year) and finished 24 races of marathon distance or longer (five of these were ultras — three 50Ks and two “mini-ultras” of 27-28 miles).

In addition to running my first ultra, I had hoped to earn four Marathon Maniac stars by running a “double” (two marathons in two days).  Once I stated this goal to a couple of fellow Maniacs it didn’t take much for them to talk me into a “double-double” — doubles on consecutive weekends — earning me five Maniac stars.  At the end of November I ran the tough but rewarding Seattle triple — the Wishbone 27.8-mile trail marathon, the Ghost of Seattle Marathon and the Seattle Marathon (the latter being my fastest of the three).

In December I once again braved the cold and wind during the Ghost of Birch Bay Marathon (it wasn’t nearly as frigid as last year) and ran a snow & icicle-free Pigtails Flat Ass, this time opting for the 50K.  While many runners pick a 5K race for their Jan. 1 resolution run, we Maniacs aren’t content with such a short distance and therefore turned out in droves for the First Call to Run marathon and 50K (I had intended to run the 50K but opted for the marathon at the last minute).  Finally, the ice we managed to avoid at Pigtails emerged — in of all places — Orlando.  We made our third (and final) trek to run the Goofy Challenge, where temperatures hovered in the low-30s and upper 20s; BRRRR.  But the frigid temperatures translated in great race times, as I ran the half in 1:57 and the full in 4:22.

While the running was certainly great in 2009, even better were all the friends I met while running.  Because the Marathon Maniacs are based in the area, it’s very easy to meet others when wearing one’s “colors.”  I believe it can be difficult to meet people as one gets older — life often gets in the way — but I’ve formed some terrific friendships over the past year with both women and men who inspire and motivate me.

So what’s in store for 2010?  Although I was hesitant to have a mileage goal for the year, I decided I’d try for 2,100 miles.  I’d also like to beat my current mileage PR for the month of 205 miles.  But my two biggest goals are race related: I want to run my first 50-miler (Rainier to Ruston), as well as earn seven Maniac stars by running 13 marathons/50Ks in 12 weeks.  I’ll kick off the latter on Feb. 14 with hopes of finishing up at the Maniac reunion at the Tacoma Marathon on May 2 (if all goes as planned it will also be my 50th race of marathon distance or longer).  I’ll be documenting my progress on my blog, so if you’re interested, be sure to stop by!  (I promise to be more forthcoming with my posts).